Sept 26, 2012: Season Premiere of ABC Hit Comedy MODERN FAMILY features custom giant stuffed animal elephant and gorilla made in America by


It's official: the giant stuffed elephant and giant stuffed gorilla are now famous TV stars.

When ABC TV ordered a bunch of's large custom made stuffed animals in August, no one had any idea that two of the huge plush animals (a huge 54-inch stuffed elephant and a massive 50-inch stuffed gorilla) would actually be featured in the Season 4 premiere.

The custom personalized stuffed elephant was wearing a yellow t-shirt that was imprinted with the message "It's a Boy". As part of the comedy plot, the big stuffed gorilla was placed in a, shall we say - compromising - position when it and the elephant were strapped together to the top of a car. We say in response: "live and let live".

It seems these giant stuffed animals are on a roll and getting more and more  famous with this Hollywood stuff; Just three weeks later - on October 15th - another hit TV comedy, CBS TV's HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, will also feature custom made giant stuffed animals made in America by In that episode, one of the featured stuffed animals is a 10-feet tall teddy bear that was custom made and shipped by freight.

Call 1-800-238-9481 or 914-580-2700 to reach to place an order, or for more information.




26th Sep 2012

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