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In this 3 minute video below, you can see our American stuffed animal manufacturing facility and warehouse:


In the 2 minute video below, you can see some custom personalized giant stuffed animal projects at our stuffed animal factory in the USA:

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Introducing Big Plush, the home of giant teddy bears and huge stuffed animals that are sure to impress. Our products are designed, manufactured and hand-stuffed with care, ensuring that you receive your order in perfect condition every time. Here are just a few reasons why our giant stuffed animals make great gifts and are worth your investment:


Big Boxes: At Big Plush, we use extra-large delivery boxes for all our giant stuffed animals, so they arrive in perfect condition, without any deformities that are common with "shrink-wrapped" or "vacuum-packed" small delivery boxes that our competitors use..

Extra Stuffing: Our giant stuffed animals are stuffed with premium quality, American-made polyester stuffing, just as you would find in luxury pillows. This results in a Big Plush product that is much softer, fatter, fluffier and more fully-stuffed than the competition.

Hand-stuffed: We hand-stuff each and every giant giant stuffed animal on the day each order is shipped, using premium-quality materials. This results in a stuffed animal product that is fresher, softer, fluffier and ready to hug right out of the box. 

American-made: The majority of our products are made in the USA. The remainder have both, imported and American materials. You can see which products fall into each category right on every product page.  As a U.S. Navy veteran-owned business, we take pride in delivering a superior product. Our aim is for all our products to eventually be 100% Made in the USA. You can see all our Made in the USA products HERE.

Perfect Gift: All Big Plush giant stuffed animals and huge teddy bears make perfect, unique gifts for any occasion, whether you're looking to impress your friends and family, or just want to treat yourself to some snuggle buddy companionship. (Hey, we ALL need HUGS)!

When you choose to buy from Big Plush, you can rest assured that you're getting a giant plush animal product that is made to exceed your expectations. We're confident that you'll be delighted with your purchase. Thanks  for considering Big Plush for your next gift-giving occasion whenever you need a giant teddy bear or huge stuffed animal to be your ambassador of happiness!.


Cartoon image showing a huge teddy bear that 2 men are franticly trying to squeeze into an extremely small box. This is meant to show that Big Plush never vacuum-packs it's giant stuffed animals into tiny boxes as competitors do.


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