When Will I Get It?

When Will I Get It?



During these trying times, we know you need your gift shipped as soon as possible. So we offer three shipping options at checkout:

1. FREE Shipping for both, personalized as well as non-personalized orders, that ship anywhere within the 48 contiguous states of the USA. See the shopping cart or checkout for exact delivery date (depends on your address).

2. EXPRESS Shipping is for personalized orders (orders that have text that needs to be imprinted on a neck ribbon, etc.), that ship anywhere in the USA. This method is generally about half the time for delivery compared to FREE Shipping. See the shopping cart or checkout for exact delivery date.

3. FASTEST Shipping is for NON-personalized orders (orders that do NOT have any custom text that needs to be imprinted anywhere). This shipping method is the absolute fastest delivery, but you can only select it if you do NOT add any "personalization". That means you can NOT add any text to be imprinted on the neck ribbon, etc. See the shopping cart or checkout for the exact delivery date.


Helpful Hint:

You can view all current shipping options and prices HERE by first, adding all of your products to your shopping cart, and then clicking the "SHIPPING - ADD INFO" Button and filling in your city and postal code.



Just add your product(s) to your shopping cart which is located HERE, and then click the button that says "SHIPPING - ADD INFO". Then just fill-in your zip code, and you will see EVERY shipping option with estimated delivery dates.

FREE SHIPPING within the continental USA is ALWAYS available; every other faster shipping method with estimated delivery dates will show the exact price for each of those faster shipping methods.


This is a GIFT, so How Can I Make Sure That NO PRICES are Included in the Box?

Don't Sweat it... we've got you covered. We do NOT include prices inside the boxes of ANY of our shipments.  NO Prices in the box = NO Worries for You, (the great and wonderful gift-giver that you are)!


Will My Big Plush Stuffed Animal Get Delivered in a BIG Box?

YES! Unlike many of our competitors, we do NOT "shrink-wrap" or "vacuum-pack" any of our big stuffed animals by sucking all the air out and shipping them in a tiny box. If you order a BIG stuffed animal, then you deserve to have it delivered in a BIG box! Period. And the shipping is still FREE for you. Sweet!


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In these trying times when you need to put a SMILE on someone special's face...

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