When Will I Get It?



If you choose FREE Shipping, your order will be delivered anywhere in the continental USA within 2 to 6 business days. You will see the actual estimated delivery date right at your checkout after you fill-in the shipping address.

Free Shipping is great, but I need it guaranteed faster... Besides free shipping, what other faster shipping options are available?

In addition to FREE shipping, you can choose Express Delivery.  The expected delivery date and the price of each shipping method will be posted in your shopping cart and checkout before you make payment.

Please note that occasionally the 1-Day and 2-Day options are not shown on the site; it that is the case, you may always CALL US by phone at 1-800-238-9481 to arrange faster Express Delivery.


You can view all current shipping options and prices HERE by first, adding all of your products to your shopping cart, and then clicking the "SHIPPING - ADD INFO" Button and filling in your city and postal code.




Just add your product(s) to your shopping cart which is located HERE, and then click the button that says "SHIPPING - ADD INFO". Then just fill-in your zip code, and you will see EVERY shipping option with guaranteed latest delivery dates.

FREE SHIPPING within the continental USA is ALWAYS available; every other faster shipping method with guaranteed delivery dates will show the exact price for each of those faster shipping methods.


This is a GIFT, so How Can I Make Sure That NO PRICES are Included in the Box?

Don't Sweat it... we've got you covered. We do NOT include prices inside the boxes of ANY of our shipments.  NO Prices in the box = NO Worries for You, (the great and wonderful gift-giver that you are)!


Will My Big Plush Stuffed Animal Get Delivered in a BIG Box?

YES! Unlike many of our competitors, we do NOT "shrink-wrap" or "vacuum-pack" any of our big stuffed animals by sucking all the air out and shipping them in a tiny box. If you order a BIG stuffed animal, then you deserve to have it delivered in a BIG box! Period. And the shipping is still FREE for you. Sweet!


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