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What's Inside YOUR Giant Teddy Bear?

Teddy bears are just like people: It's what's INSIDE that matters most. Explore the unique blends of soft American-made poly fiberfill stuffing at Big Plush here.


Every giant stuffed animal at BigPlush.com is not just "another pretty face".

We know how important it is to make sure all of our big plush animals

get the same amount of attention,

when it comes to what's INSIDE them,

as well as the outside.



Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more detailed information about how we stuff our giant teddy bears and stuffed animals,

and all of the work and attention that goes into the type of stuffing we use,

the way we blend the stuffing, and the way that we stuff each Big Plush animal.

PLUS You can Buy Our Special Stuffing Blend


You can order our special blend

of Big Plush Fiberfill Poly Blend Stuffing

in various amounts of weight.

Right now we have 10 pound bags for sale.

Check back soon for

1 Pound, 5-Pound, 25-Pound bags and more sizes.

You can also buy UN-stuffed Plush Skins

here at Big Plush,


You deserve the best; 

and we aim to bring that to you.

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