What's Inside YOUR Giant Teddy Bear?

All Big Plush Stuffed Animals are Hand-Stuffed with Our Own American-Made, Premium Quality, Soft Stuffing.

Big Plush makes it's own teddy bear stuffing from American-MAde premium Polyester. We fluff it up using old fashioned but effective machinery, so that it gives a very full and soft feeling to the touch. It also lasts a very long time before going flat, unlike the cheaper stuffing used by our competitors.


Don't Settle for Cheap Stuffing.

All Teddy Bear Stuffing is NOT the Same.


Big Plush brand giant stuffed animals contain premium quality American made, pillow soft stuffing, and LOTs of it!

Enjoy a premium gifting experience with Big Plush's American-Made premium polyester stuffing that we "fluff-up" using our own two-part process, using very reliable and effective old-fashioned machinery that no "mass-produced" stuffing will ever match.


It's True that Not all Stuffing is the Same.

Cheap stuffing looses all it's "spring" and "bounce-back" after only a short period of time, subjected to the slightest pressure. Premium quality stuffing lasts much longer, and can withstand prolonged periods of heavy pressure, without loosing it's softness and "spring-back" resiliency. We only use premium-quality, American-made stuffing, so that you receive a superior product.


When purchasing a giant stuffed animal, here are some questions you should ask:

1. Where does the stuffing come from?

2. Is it low quality that easily goes "flat"?

3. How much of it is filled inside the stuffed animal?


Did you ever wonder what exactly is inside your giant teddy bear? It really matters that you know.



Teddy bears are just like people: It's what's INSIDE that matters most. Explore the unique blends of soft American-made poly fiberfill stuffing at Big Plush here.


Every giant stuffed animal from Big Plush® is not just "another pretty face".

We know how important it is to make sure all Big Plush stuffed animals get the same amount of attention, when it comes to what's INSIDE them, as well as the outside.



Big Plush's two-part blend of polyester fibers are "fluffed-up" and combined into a super-soft, dense, and somewhat heavy stuffing material that is both soft and dense. This process is created by some of the oldest textile machinery still in existence, that nothing modern can truly replace. These machines intertwine both types of premium polyester fibers in precise proportions, that creates a truly unique stuffing material that is a special mixture of both smooth, "fluffy puffs", that are combined with heavier, denser bits of coiled polyester fibers. The smooth "fluffy puffs" create the extreme softness, while the denser bits of coiled polyester fibers provide the "spring-back" quality (known in the trade as "resiliency") which gives this special stuffing its unique characteristic of being able to quickly "springing back" after each and every squeeze and hug.
If you have too much of the soft puffs, it will quickly go flat after just a  few squeezes. And if you have too much of the dense coiled bits of polyester, then it is way too stiff and is not truly soft to the touch. So it is the combination of both types of American fibers that creates the ideal soft stuffing found in all Big Plush stuffed animals.
The Art AND Science of Making Giant Teddy Bears is something we obsess about at Big Plush.

And nothing matters more than "how soft it is" when it comes to giant teddy bears.

And in addition to that, we also like our giant teddy bears to be heavy enough, and resilient enough, so that they "hold their shape" and "spring-back" under stress (like lots of hugging and snuggling).

Big Plush stuffed animals are hand stuffed in the USA with a two-part American-made blend of Polyester Fiber Stuffing that is meant to give it maximum softness, maximum weight and maximum resiliency. 

To explain it in non-technical terms, Big Plush stuffing is made up of a combination of mostly fluffy, lightweight bits of soft stuffing, which are combined with a smaller percentage of heavier, denser, more "coiled-up" bits of stuffing. This helps to create a Big Plush stuffed animal that is not just as soft as possible - but is also heavier and more dense as a result. 
  • Not Just Soft - But Heavy Too
  • So go ahead and Hug and Squeeze with Confidence

Big Plush Stuffing Starts as Giant-Sized Bales of American-Made Polyester that Weigh About 600 Pounds Each

Big Plush uses premium American-made bales of polyester fiberfill that weigh over 600 pounds each, and then blends it perfectly for premium softness, weight and density.
Big Plush Stuffing Starts as Giant-Sized Bales of American-Made Polyester
The stuffing inside of Big Plush giant stuffed animals starts off as huge bales of premium polyester that is made in the USA. Each bale is inspected and then sent to be processed by two seperate machines.

These machines help to create the two different components of the polyester stuffing blend: one type is more lightweight and fluffy; the other type is more heavy and dense.

After each bale is unwrapped, it is prepared to go through the process that expands (or "fluffs-up") the polyester.

A special 2-part process is used to carefully mix the polyester into a premium soft constituency that is just right.
The highly compacted raw polyester fibers are fluffed-up through centrifugal force, and then mixed with a small percentage of heavier, denser polyester, to add more weight while maintaining maximum softness.
A two-part process is used to blend the stuffing that goes into Big Plush stuffed animals. The result is a stuffing that is both "fluffy" AND "heavy".

The polyester is made entirely in the USA.

Big Plush Stuffing is Soft AND Tough.

Big Plush's 2-part blend of stuffing adds weight and density so the end result is a plumper, softer and heavier giant teddy bear.
The coiled-up bits of stuffing in the 2-Part blend of stuffing add more weight and density to the finished product.
All Big Plush giant teddy bears are hand stuffed for maximum weight and softness right here in the USA.
All bears are weighed to ensure maximum correct weight and softness.
All Big Plush giant teddy bears are given special attention to create a truly premium quality big plush animal.
Big Plush giant teddy bears are fully stuffed in America with pride.
Big Plush stuffing is NOT lightweight stuffing that  easily collapses and "flattens-out" under stress, Instead, Big Plush stuffing is created to withstand pressure (like hugging and squeezing), while being very soft AND maintaining resilience,
Big Plush giant teddy bears are stuffed by hand, one at a time. Extra care is spent on each bear to ensure that the sections of the bear's body which traditionally undergo more stress receive extra amounts of stuffing. Care is also taken to ensure that the bear is not "overstuffed" in any one place.

After each bear is hand-stuffed, it's stuffing hole is sewn-up. Then all seams are inspected, and receive additional sewing reinforcement when necessary.

Big Plush giant teddy bears are weighed before being released, to ensure proper weight,
The end result is a Big Plush giant teddy bear that has had as much attention given to it's INSIDE as it's OUTSIDE.



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