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Are you looking for stuffed animals that are truly MADE IN AMERICA?

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At, it's your choice when it comes to giant stuffed animals that are Made in the USA or not.

We try to have as many American-Made stuffed animals as possible, but we also want to have the biggest overall selection of truly superior designed stuffed animals too, so you can be guaranteed of scoring just the right Big Plush gift EVERY Time.

So here's how to choose your stuffed animal by where it was made:

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To see all of the stuffed animals that were "born overseas" but lovingly stuffed and finished by hand in the USA, Click Here  or Click Here.

All remaining products are  made overseas. You can tell if a product is made in the USA or stuffed in the USA just by looking for that designation right on the product page. If the product page you are looking at does not say "Made in the USA" or "Stuffed in the USA," then it is imported from overseas.

We hope this information helps you make an informed buying decision.

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