Made in USA

Made in USA


American Manufacturing of Personalized Custom Giant Stuffed Animals.

Plush toys and stuffed animals made inthe USA America ay BigPlush.comgiant stuffed animals made in the USA America at

Made with 100% American-Made Fabric Textiles

Giant Stuffed Animals that are Really...

BORN in the USA! *NOT overseas

You are now in the MADE IN AMERICA catagory.

Every stuffed animal shown in this catagory is genuinely MADE IN THE USA.

Every big stuffed animal that is displayed in this catagory is:

  • Designed in the USA,
  • Made with premium quality fabric, thread and materials that were manufactured in an American textile factory,
  • Sewn and stitched together in the USA,
  • Stuffed in the USA with American-made soft, virgin premium quality polyester that was made in the USA,
  • Custom personalized in the USA with lots of customizations such as embroidery, personalized t-shirts, add-a-zipper, add-your-voice and more, and...
  • Shipped by proud American workers.

Thanks for supporting American labor and workmanship!  

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