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American Made Giant 5 Foot Stuffed Penguin Huge Soft Oversized Plush Animal

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40.00 LBS
Ships from New Jersey
Free Shipping

Product Description

THIS Giant Stuffed Penguin is HUGE! It is 5-FEET-TALL!

You HAVE to SEE THIS very, very big, beautiful, premium quality BRAND NEW plush Penguin! This is truly an AWESOME, GIGANTIC, SUPER-HUGE, STUNNING and REAL-LOOKING giant Penguin. It is stuffed with soft polyester stuffing. It will stand tall and proud for you. You will absolutely LOVE this! Quality-made with premium fabric and craftsmanship; it has a supple, plush body and is made with great ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Real QUALITY. The highly detailed head, and body, as well as it's super-cool Red Top Hat makes this Penguin so amazingly LOVABLE and REAL-LOOKING! This will provide years of huggable squeezable love. It has a child-safe body, and will make memories that will never be forgotten!

This is SURE to bring a SMILE to someone's face! And they sure will remember YOU for giving such a great gift!  Measures:

60-inches tall, (from the feet up to the top of it's head) (THAT'S A Gigantic 5- FEET TALL)! -and- over 34-inches ACROSS (That's almost 3-FEET WIDE)! If you want to make someone say WOW - REALLY... W-O-W!.... Then GET This LARGER-THAN-LIFESIZE PENGUIN ... NOW!

  • Great conversation piece.
  • Hard to find.
  • Terrific gift.
  • Made in the USA.

Product Videos

Huge Stuffed Penguin 5 Feet Tall and Made in the USA Big Plush Giant Birthday Gift or Anytime (02:21)
Buy Here: http://www.bigplush.com/extra-large-stuffed-penguin-5-feet-tall-realistic-big-plush-penguin-made-in-the-usa-america/ This is NOT your ordinary size stuffed penguin; this giant plush penguin is Five feet tall and weighs almost 30 pounds. Send this as a gift to make a really BIG impression. Available at BigPlush.com. Order online, or call 1-800-238-9481 to order or for more information.
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Product Reviews


    Posted by on 23rd Apr 2016

    My wife collects penguins, and when I saw this during an Internet search, I had to get one for her. Personally, I think I like it more than she does. He's great. If I had a sidecar for my motorcycle, I'd take him along.

  2. Mixed opinions

    Posted by on 12th Nov 2012

    So before I get into the details Of the product itself. I would like to say it took a phone call after 3 days of me ordering this to even get a confirmation that they were going to ship this. They didn't even pick up I had to leave a message. No call back or anything just a random email. After that it took another day for them even to get it to the delivery. So my satisfaction with the company is what gives the four star. The penguin it self is beautifully made. Even though when they shipped it they jammed it into a bag and then into a 4 ft box. It's a 5ft penguin. Come on guys. That's just nonsense. It's also not really 5ft tall. It's more like 4ft 9 inches. But all in all I am satisfied with the purchase. Just could use a little more CUSTOMER CARE!

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