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Modern Family on ABC Features Big Plush Animals Again for Halloween 2014 Episode


The great people at ABC TV's Modern Family called BigPlush.com to order a big American-Made 5-Foot Plush Bunny Rabbit for the 2014 Halloween Episode. 

So we say THANK YOU again to the great people at Modern Family.

In case you think you might have recognized BigPlush.com's Big Plush Elephant and Big Plush Gorilla doing something naughty on top of a car in a previous Modern Family season premiere...

.... Then You were RIGHT!

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New Blog posts Coming again Soon

It's been way too long since we updated our blog. So much going on. We'll start updating you with new BigPlush news soon!

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Feb 3, 2012 Honda Super Bowl commercial with Matthew Broderick features giant stuffed panda from BigPlush.com.

The 54-inches tall giant stuffed panda made in the USA by BigPlush.com was featured in a Super Bowl commercial that Honda aired on 2012 Super Bowl Sunday. The commercial features Matthew Broderick (from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off") and pays tribute in a humorous way to many parts of that eighties classic hollywood hit movie. Watch [...]

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Sept 26, 2012: Season Premiere of ABC Hit Comedy MODERN FAMILY features custom giant stuffed animal elephant and gorilla made in America by BigPlush.com

It's official: the BigPlush.com giant stuffed elephant and giant stuffed gorilla are now famous TV stars. When ABC TV ordered a bunch of BigPlush.com's large custom made stuffed animals in August, no one had any idea that two of the huge plush animals (a huge 54-inch stuffed elephant and a massive 50-inch stuffed gorilla) would actually [...]

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August 24, 2012 Two TV Shows: ABC TV's "Modern Family" and CBS TV's "How I Met Your Mother" Take Delivery of Custom Made Giant Stuffed Animals from BigPlush.com

Not one, but TWO hit television shows have placed orders this past month of August 2012, and taken delivery of many custom made giant stuffed animals from BigPlush.com. ABC TV's blockbuster hit sitcom "MODERN FAMILY" ordered first; and they took delivery of several huge stuffed animals that had custom personalized t-shirts on them, featuring the themes [...]

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Feb. 2, 2012 Wipeout the ABC TV Show Airs First of 4-Weeks of Shows that Feature Custom Made Giant Stuffed Animals for Winter Wipeout 2012 from BigPlush.com

Beginning last week, ABC TV is featuring a bunch more of the BigPlush.com jumbo sized stuffed animals that were custom created in America at BigPlush.com. The first episode features the giant 6-Feet Tall stuffed Penguins. This is the second season in a row, that Wipeout has ordered custom made large stuffed animals from BigPlush.com. Thanks [...]

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Sept 7, 2011 Walt Disney's "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3" takes delivery of BigPlush.com giant stuffed dog for stand-in work.

Walt Disney Studios  "Bevery Hills Chihuahua 3" took delivery of one of BigPlush.com's largest stuffed dogs today. The stuffed dog's new job is to work in Hollywood as a stand-in for one of the famous pampered pooches. Everyone in the office is jelous of his good fortune. Who said a dog's life is rough? Thanks [...]

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8/18/11 Episode of ABC TV Show WIPEOUT Features Custom-Made Big Plush 7-Feet-Tall Stuffed Bunny Rabbits

Wipeout, the hit ABC TV game show continues to harass their contestants with huge, custom-made giant stuffed animals from BigPlush.com. This is the third episode of Wipeout this month, that features our giant stuffed animals that we made right here in the USA. The episode aired on August 18,2011. , This time, they're featuring our [...]

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ABC Televission Serries Wipeout July 28, 2011 Episode Features Two Giant Stuffed Dogs Custom-Made by BigPlush.com

On July 28th, 2011 ABC TV's hit serries WIPEOUT broadcast the first of several episodes that all feature BigPlush.com custom-made giant stuffed animals. This episode, (called "boss-and-employee"), featured two super-sized big plush dogs that we made right here in America. Upcomming episodes of Wipeout will feature several more BigPlush.com giant stuffed custom made animals, including [...]

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Showtime Television Serries "Weeds" Takes Delivery of Custom Made Massive Stuffed Gorilla

On Friday August 5th, 2011 Showtime's television serries "Weeds" took delivery of an absolutely massive, giant-size stuffed black gorilla. We'll update you when the specific show featuring this big plush custom made ape airs. Thanks Lionsgate and Showtime!

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