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Customized and personalized neck ribbon bow is always free at Big Plush


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You can add a big plush heart pillow to any giant teddy bear and huge stuffed animal for free




I Love You Big Teddy Bears and Huge Stuffed Animals for Valentines Day





What are the FREE PERSONALIZATION options that I can choose from?

1. Personalized Neck-Ribbon (see below)
2. T-Shirt
3. Heart Pillow


It's FREE to Pick the Color of the Neck Ribbon Bow AND its also FREE (and optional) to Get the Neck Ribbon Bow Custom Personalized with Your Message!

Free Personalized Neck Ribbon For All Products at


See What the FREE Personalized Neck Ribbon Looks Like on a Big Plush Stuffed Animal:



A SPECIAL Occassion Deserves a SPECIAL Something Extra!

Now you can truly express how you feel to someone special, because you get to pick the ribbon color of the ribbon that goes around your big stuffed animal's neck, AND YOUR PERSONALIZED MESSAGE is imprinted on that neck ribbon... for FREE.

This neck ribbon imprinting personalization service is absolutely FREE, and comes with EVERY stuffed animal here at

And you can take advantage of it simply by selecting this free option on any product page at

Helping you to make a BIG Impression with giant teddy bears and big stuffed animals is what we do, and this FREE personalized service is just one more way that sets the standard when it comes to making your gift recipients feel REALLY special.


You get FREE choice of neck-ribbon color and FREE custom personalized ribbon imprint with every giant teddy bear and big stuffed animal.


Free neck-ribbon personalization of every stuffed animal at


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The neck-ribbon personalization is FREE.

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