Add a Custom T-Shirt or Pick from the Free Gallery of Message T-shirts, and we'll Dress Your Big Plush Animal in the T-shirt You Select

Add a FREE T-Shirt from the T-Shirt Gallery to any Big Plush Animal, and we'll DRESS your giant stuffed animal in the t-shirt you select; (T-shirt can be removed without damaging the stuffed animal). There are so many t-shirt styles to choose from, so pick YOURS now!

 Add a t-shirt to any Big Plush animal. Pick from many designs, or create your own.



Or if you want to DESIGN YOUR OWN UNIQUE T-SHIRT for your Big Plush teddy bear or staffed animal, you can do that to for an extra charge, DIRECTLY ON EVERY PRODUCT PAGE.



Pick a FREE t-shirt design from the gallery, or design a custom t-shirt yourself.

We will dress your big plush animal in the t-shirt before we ship.

The t-shirt can be removed without damaging the stuffed animal.