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Giant Christmas Teddy Bear 60 Inch Soft, Wears Santa Claus Suit 5 Foot Xmas Teddybear Brown

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18.00 LBS
Ships from New Jersey (Santa Suit can be removed without damaging the bear)
Free Shipping

Product Description

This big plush friendly giant brown teddy thinks that HE is SANTA CLAUS!

It's true. He comes to you already wearing a REMOVABLE FULL-BODY Santa Claus Suit that includes ALL of these:

1. Santa Hat on head.
2. Santa Vest.
3. Santa Red T-shirt.
4. Santa Pants.
5. Removable Santa White Beard.

So after the Christmas Holiday fun has passed, you can easily remove ALL of this bear's "Santa Suit" and keep it ready for the NEXT Christmas!

In case you are wondering HOW the optional BEARD goes on, it simply slips over the bear's nose with the thin elastic strap at the top. Since the strap is very thin, you hardly notice it, and it looks like your big teddy bear has grown an awesome white and fluffy SANTA BEARD!

And this huge brown teddy bear isn't just extremely large and soft, he's REALLY Large and VERY Soft.

  • He measures 60 inches (that's 5 feet tall) from head to toe. And this big teddy bear is almost as wide as he is tall, and nearly as deep too!
  • Made with high quality, soft beige color fur, it is made with a lot of attention to detail and adorable design.
  • He knows how to pack on the pounds, as he is stuffed with tons of squishy soft polyester, that turns him into a Giant size pillow or bed in case of an emergency.
  • He's got neat, big-paw imprints on feet, and shows a Classic teddy bear look that's both friendly and fatherly. Just like your typical "Big 'ol Bear".
  • If you're looking to send a Giant size version of the classic teddy bear to someone special. then this guy is the perfect gift.
  • Ships in a box that's a heck of a lot bigger than a bread box, and is sure to get the attention of , and impress, the lucky special someone that you're sending this to.
  • When it comes to sending a meaningful gift, sometimes nothing but the biggest will do; and if that's the case, then this is YOUR big foot teddy bear.
  • Get this huge Christmas teddy bear and send it to someone special to show your love and celebrate Christmas big time right NOW.
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