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Your Voice Plays Inside Big Plush Animal

Add your awesome AUDIO VOICE MESSAGE to your stuffed animal!

Just select this optional add-on, and for only $29.95 in addition to the cost of the stuffed animal, we will professionally stitch a custom made compartment into your stuffed animal into which we will place a high quality audio player that will play YOUR VOICE MESSAGE whenever the stuffed anima is squeezed.

Below is a sample product page that shows how easy it is to add-on your "Personalized Voice-Message" option:

How to add your voice to your Big Plush stuffed animal


What will you use your audio voice message to say? Well that's up to you.

Some uses might be:

  • I Love You.
  • Congratulations.
  • I Miss You
  • I'm Sorry.
  • Whatever else you can think of.

The pouch that contains the voice player is custom made by a highly trained team of apparel professionals, using the highest quality fabric and materials. In fact, the entire process is preformed at a huge American factory that has made hundreds of thousands top branded apparel for over thirty years. So you know this will really look professional.

The audio device that plays your messge takes three AA batteries (which are already installed). To play your audio message, simply squeeze the bear where the device is installed. When the batteries die, you can easily replace them, so this will be an awesome gift that will always contain "a little bit of you", and will last a lifetime!

This makes a great way to customize your stuffed animal, and is sure to make a BIG impression with that someone special.

Add this custom voice audio message to your stuffed animal NOW.

To add this custom audio voice message service to any stuffed animal here at BigPlush.com, just select it from the add-on options that will be shown on every product page. Then, after you order, simply call this special phone number:


to record your voice message that you want to be played whenever the stuffed animal is squeezed.

More questions? Then Call us at 1-800-238-9481 and ask away. Let us help you make a BIG and PERSONALIZED Expression of your feelings to someone special NOW. 


Step-By-Step How To Add Your Custom Voice Message to Your Stuffed Animal:


To add YOUR Voice to any stuffed animal here at BigPlush.com, simply follow these five steps:


1. Just select the option to "ADD YOUR VOICE" from the add-on options that will be shown on every product page.


2. Then, after you pay for your order, call 1-888-988-5961 which is the special phone number to record your voice message so that it will be played whenever the stuffed animal is squeezed.


3. When you call 1-888-988-5961, you will first be asked a few questions to identify your order, and then you will have up to two minutes to record your voice message that will play inside of your Big Plush stuffed animal.


4. After you record your voice message, you can play it back and listen to it before deciding to either save it - or to re-record it  - again and again if necessary, until you are finally happy with it. Then SAVE it and hang-up the phone.


5. THAT'S IT! YOU ARE DONE! Your voice message will then become part of your Big Plush stuffed animal before it is shipped out,  so that someone special can get one of the most unique and special gifts from you they have ever received.






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