Valentines Day 2020 Ordering Guidelines and FAQ

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Updated at 9:57 PM Eastern Time on 2/13/20

Valentines Day 2020 FAQ's 

Make a BIG Impression this V-Day. Here are some questions and answers to help guide you:


Q. Where do you ship from? 

A: Newark, New Jersey. 


Q. Can I place my order NOW and get delivery on or before Valentine's Day?

A: No. It's too late to get delivery by Valentines Day.


Q: Do you include PRICES in the box?

A: No. We NEVER include any prices in any of our shipments, because most of our customers send our products as gifts. So go ahead and Gift Away with the confidence that NO prices will ever be included in any shipment that we send out.


Q: Can I track my shipment?

A: Yes, you can track your order because we always email your tracking number as soon as we ship.

Please bear in mind that sometimes we print your shipping label the day before we ship, so the tracking number you receive by email might not work for up to 24 hours after you receive it.


Q: Do these giant stuffed animals get delivered in a box?

A: Yes. First we place every order in a clear, heavy duty plastic bag (to keep it clean and dry). Then we slide that into a big heavy duty box for shipment.  Also, We NEVER vacuum pack your order into a very tiny box; we use strong, big boxes and normal human power (not vacuum machine power) to gently pack your order.


Q: Will anyone be able to tell what is  inside the box just by looking at it?

A: No, no one will be able to tell what is in the box, unless they open the box. We never put our company name or logo or ANYTHING about our company on the box. After all, this is all about YOU - it's not about us. Rest assured that your surprise is safe with us.



More Valentine's Day 2020 ordering guidelines will be posted as necessary. These details will be changed as time marches on. The information on this page is valid NOW. It will change from day to day.


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