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List of Customizations

Every stuffed animal product on BigPlush.com allows you to pick from many different ways to personalize and customize it.

With so many ways to create your own unique, one-of-a-kind giant stuffed animal masterpiece, what are you waiting for?


Here's a list of many ways that you are able to customize any stuffed animal here at Big Plush:


  • Add a free personalized satin neck ribbon bow.
  • Add a free gift card.
  • Add a t-shirt.
  • Add a Heart Pillow.
  • Add your voice or any sound.
  • Add a mustache.
  • Add a zippered pocket.
  • Add a hat.
  • Add a big plush Candy Cane
  • Add a big plush Irish Shamrock Pillow
  • Create your own customization


Come back soon as this page will soon be updated with more details and more content.


To get any (or all) of these awesome customizations done to YOUR big plush animal, simply select them RIGHT FROM ANY PRODUCT PAGE.

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