Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):


Q: Where are you located?

A: Newark, New Jersey


Q: Where are your stuffed animals made?

A: About 33% are made completely in the USA, using all American materials; another 33% are imported as "plush skins", and then we hand-stuff them and reinforce the seams here in the USA; and the remaining 33% are imported from overseas. You can find these groups within our BRAND page HERE.


Q: Do your boxes show your company name or stuff on the outside of the box, so that someone would know what is inside just by looking at the box?

A: No. All of our orders ship out in plain brown heavy duty boxes. There is no logo or images painted on the box, and we do not use packing tape that has our name or logo. The only place on the box where our name can be seen is in small print at the top of the UPS shipping label.


Q: How exactly do you ship these huge stuffed animals? Do they come in a box?

A: All of our stuffed animals arrive in a big box. We never ship them out unprotected. Every stuffed animal (no matter the size) first gets placed in a clear plastic bag (to keep the plush animal clean and dry during shipment). Then, we place the animal inside of it's bag, into a strong, plain brown box for shipment.


Q: Do you vacuum shrink your big plush animals before you ship them? Do they arrive all scrunched up in a tiny box?

A: No. We never vacuum shrink ANY of our stuffed animals. We use a box that is proportionate to the size of the stuffed animal for shipment. For example,  we gently fold our giant teddy bears at the waist (while they are inside their clear plastic bag), and then we slide that into a big box for shipment.


Q: I'm sending this as a gift. Do you enclose prices in your shipments?

A: No. We NEVER enclose any prices in our shipments - either in or on the box. We know that many of our customers send our products as gifts; therefore we simply NEVER include ANY pricing information with our shipments. The only place you will see pricing details is at the email address that you provide at checkout when you buy the product. That's it.


Q: I own a retail store, and I want to sell some of your products. Do you have a wholesale program?

A: Yes. Call us at 1-800-238-9481 or 1-914-580-2700 for more information.


Q: I live outside of the USA. Do you ship Internationally?

A: Yes. We ship world-wide. To see what your shipping options and prices will be for international delivery, simply place your product(s) in the shopping cart, and then go directly to the Shopping Cart Page, and click the button there that says "Estimate Shipping and Tax". Then you will be asked to enter your Country and Postal Code where the package is shipping to. At that point, the screen will display all of your shipping options, along with delivery times and pricing.


Q: I am shipping a gift outside of the USA. I do not want the gift recipient to have to pay the Customs Duty Taxes on delivery. Instead, I want to pre-pay the Customs Duty Taxes. Can I do this?

A: Yes. It's very simple. If you want to PRE-PAY all International Customs Duty Taxes, simply choose either UPS or DHL for shipping (as both of those international shipping prices INCLUDE pre-payment of all Customs Duty Taxes). That means that if you select either UPS or DHL as the international shipping method, then the receiver will receive the package without having to pay anything, since the Customs Duty Taxes were already paid as part of the shipping price. Otherwise, if you are Okay with the Customs Duty Taxes having to be paid by the receiver on delivery, then you can select the U.S. Postal Service International Shipping options. This is one reason why International shipping prices are higher for UPS and DHL, as opposed to the Postal Service.