Create Your Own Personalized T-Shirt - and We Will Dress-Up Your Stuffed Animal so that it is Wearing the T-Shirt that You Customized

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This does NOT include the teddy bear shown in the photo. The photo is just to give you an idea what a custom t-shirt looks like on one of our big stuffed animals. This is JUST for the personalized T-SHIRT that we will dress your animal in.
Step 1:
Be sure you have TWO products in your shopping cart: 1) THIS Personalized T-Shirt Service, and 2) The actual stuffed animal that you want dressed-up in this t-shirt.
Step 2:
Type-in the text that you want imprinted on the shirt. (Or do not type any text, and we will leave the t-shirt blank - with NO text)


Create a personalized T-Shirt and have us dress it on to your giant stuffed animal!

We will dress up your stuffed animal in the shirt, and then ship your new giant stuffed animal wearing the personalized T-Shirt.

You can pick the color of the t-shirt, and tell us what text to imprint on the shirt, in the two boxes above.

Please allow up to 5 business days for your shirt to be completed, dressed on to your stuffed animal,  and shipped.

Note that the guaranteed delivery dates shown on the shippiong options at checklout may NOT apply when you add this custom personalization service, as it may take an additional 1 to 5 business days MORE thaen what is shown at checkout.

Therefore you should call us at 1-800-238-9481 right after you place your order with this dervice, and let us know the date you need it by, and we will give you additional delivery options to make sure you receive this when needed.

We dress-up your giant stuffed animal in the shirt before we ship, so that it gets delivered fully dressed-up.

If you have any questions, then call us at 1-800-238-9481.

--------------- IMPORTANT -----------------

If you don't want to tell us what to imprint on the t-shirt, and instead want to select a t-shirt from many available styles and themes, then the following applies to you:


Adding a Pre-Designed Personalized T-Shirt for $29.99 can all be done DIRECTLY ON ALL PRODUCT PAGES.

If you are ok with getting one of the  pre-made t-shirt designs shown on all product pages, then You Do NOT Need This Service.

Just go to any product page, and you will have the ability to quickly add a pre-designed t-shirt that you select, for just $29.99.

THIS service is only if you want to pick the color of the t-shirt AND tell us exactly what text to imprint on it.

If you have questions, or prefer to order by phone, simply CALL US at 1-800-238-9481.

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