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Big Plush 8 Ounces Premium Polyester Fiber White Fiberfill Stuffing, Moderately Dense and Heavy Blend

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1.00 LBS
Ships from New Jersey
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Product Description



Big Plush Premium Soft White Blended Polyester Fiberfill Stuffing.

Heavier and More Dense.

After years of perfecting the perfect blend of stuffing that we use inside the giant teddy bears and huge stuffed animals that we make, Big Plush wants you to be able to buy the very same, high-density, moderately heavy, Virgin polyester stuffing that we use in our most premium quality giant stuffed animals.

There are lots of fiberfill polyester products on the market.

What sets this product apart is the way the polyester is processed, so that it becomes a blend of 80 percent light and soft polyester, plus 20 percent of small, coiled and compressed pieces of polyester fiber that are heavier and more dense.

Our process evenly distributes this blend within each package.

The result is a more moderately dense polyester fiberfill stuffing that is about 20 to 30 percent heavier than average.

The smaller, coiled-up pieces of polyester are evenly distributed within the blend. The fact that these small compressed pieces are tightly coiled up means that those polyester pieces still have not "sprouted" by releasing their energy and expanding.

In layman's terms, if you were to tug at these pieces, you would be able to "puff them up" much larger than they were originally - just with your hands.

Left as they are, over time they will slowly release their energy, and actually expand a little as they do.

This may help compensate for the other lightweight fibers in the blend that will naturally have lost some of their resiliency (or "springiness") over time.

This premium polyester stuffing is 100 percent made in the USA.

It is a "virgin" type of polyester, which means that it is brand new, and is not recycled.

Ideal uses are stuffed animals, upholstery, arts and crafts; really, anytime you need a more "heavy weight" type of polyester fiberfill stuffing.

Try some today.



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